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Webinar: Choosing Core Materials for Aerospace Applications

Commercial aircraft OEMs, and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers are continually faced with cost reductions and efficiency challenges, as well as a growing need for core materials to pass stringent FAA fire, smoke, toxicity and heat release requirements.  With fuel accounting for up to 50% of an airline’s direct operating cost, design engineers look for solutions to make everything lighter without sacrificing mechanical properties. Some core materials may be light and cost-effective but do not pass FST/OSU criteria while others may pass FST/OSU requirements but prove to be expensive and over-engineered for an application. With these challenges, an FST/OSU-compliant core material with high strength and toughness was developed for the aerospace industry.

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Watch the webinar to learn the following:

  • Aerospace industry trends and its impact on weight, cost, FAA specifications and other requirements
  • FAA regulations and an in-depth look at fire, smoke, toxicity and heat release requirements
  • FST/OSU-compliant core material development for the aerospace industry