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Testing Services FAQ


1. What types of testing services are offered by General Plastics?
The tests we administer generally fall into two categories: Physical property testing, and flammability testing. In addition, we work with customers to provide developmental testing during their design phase that could include any of the above types of tests. For more information on these types of tests please click here.

2. What credentials or certifications does General Plastics hold?
General Plastics’ burn-test facility is FAA-approved and is one of only nine in the nation listed in the FAA Handbook Appendix F for the seat oil burner test. All tests are conducted using calibrated equipment traceable to NIST and follow ASTM testing standards. General Plastics is also certified to ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D.

3. What types of physical property tests can you administer?
We can confirm physical property characteristics for safety, strength, impact resistance and other qualities. Among the types of test available include compression and tensile testing, flexural and shear testing, peel strength, thermal conductivity and more. Click here to learn more about our physical property testing services.

4. What additional services are provided for flammability testing?
General Plastics has local access to FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs), simplifying the flammability certification process. We also provide pre-test services prior to FAA witnessing and will coordinate FAR burn testing conformity inspections and supply necessary FAR burn testing reports and documentation.

5. Do you issue product certifications?
Yes, we do. Not only do we conduct repeated trials of evolving prototypes and pre-test refined prototypes but we can also conduct full certification testing.

6. What’s the turnaround time for receiving the test results?
The turn-around time will vary depending on the type of tests conducted. Some can be completed in less than a day, while others may take a few weeks. However, we assure you that tests specimens are prepared for conditioning almost as soon as they are received, and test reports are frequently issued the same day we run the test.

7. Are you offering any special promotions for testing services?
We are not currently offering any testing service promotions.