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Rigid Polyurethane Foam Products

LAST-A-FOAM® rigid CFC-free polyurethane foam sheets, boards and products are cost-effective, versatile, strong and durable. They are American manufactured using our unique chemical formulas to be exceptionally uniform and consistent in all physical properties. You will find a wide spectrum of formulations in multiple densities. All of our rigid foams are “closed cell” and thus do not absorb water. These materials are available in sheets or blocks.

Our polyurethane foam sheets, blocks and mold forms are available in high density and flame-retardant versions. We have the ability to align HDU foam properties with your specific needs – and help you contain material and manufacturing costs. All of our rigid foams have excellent intumescent properties and meet a variety of industry flammability requirements.

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Advanced dielectric foam material for use in radomes, antennas and other radio frequency (RF) communication systems. RF-2200 addresses the need for an RF-transparent protective layer with extended thermal processing capabilities.

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Buoyancy | Subsea | Composite Core

Hydrostatic pressure-resistant foams provide buoyancy for underwater flotation applications without liquid penetration. They are also used as core material in resin-transfer molding.

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Flame Retardant | Aerospace | Composite Core | Dielectric | Marine | Nuclear | Medical

Tough BMS 8-133-qualified foam cuts crisply for machining complex shapes. It also serves as impact- and fire-insulation liners for hazardous material, and as human bone-test media.

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FR-3800 FST

Aerospace | Composite Core

This rigid foam core material satisfies fire, smoke and toxicity (FST), and heat release requirements for aerospace applications.

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Composite Core | Sports & Recreation

These foam boards are ideal for composite panel cores and other structures where compound-curved surfaces or other details can be made with common thermoforming methods.

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Tooling Boards | Molds | Marine | Medical | Prototypes

Tough, grain-free machinable boards for styling, design and master models, composite/layout tool masters, and pattern making. An optimal wood alternative for outdoor signage and displays. Polyurethane foam sheets are always flat, stable and consistent in density

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Precision Tooling | Marine | Molds | Prototypes and Models

These foam boards are ideal for precision tooling applications, or as modeling foam. Advanced microcell technology creates a grain-free, ultra smooth exterior for painted finishes, significantly reducing process time.

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High Temperature Tooling | Marine | Molds

Supports prepreg composite layout tooling for high-temperature applications up to 400F. Ideal for prototype machining, vacuum forming, pattern making and limited-run tooling.

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Aerospace | Composite Core | Marine | Sports/Recreation

Flame-retardant foam for aircraft composite core withstands processing up to 250°F. Superb for models and design prototypes, vacuum-form dies and mold patterns, honeycomb edge closeout.

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Composite Core | Construction | Dielectric | Marine | Prototypes | Sports/Recreation | Tooling/Molds

Uniform foam is easily finished or painted for low-cost core applications, hand-carved models, prototypes, CNC-machined topographical maps, composite layup tools, industrial patterns.

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Insulation | Construction

High-density urethane cellular foam combines high compressive strength with little deflection and extraordinary thermal insulation to support heavy structural loads. Ideal for construction uses.

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Structural strength with moisture resistance offers boat designers a top-quality, non-decaying wood alternative that is fully compatible with fiberglass-laminating production methods.

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