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Energy Absorption Semi-Rigid Series

FP-8000 Energy Absorption Semi-Rigid Series

These open-cell polyurethane foams exhibit high hysteresis (approximately 80%) as well as excellent recovery from dynamic impacts. They are available in a density range of 6 to 30 lbs. per cubic foot, and all are flame-resistant. FP-8000 foam is somewhat strain-rate sensitive. Creep under high static stress is not as good as LAST-A-FOAM® TF-5070, TF-6070 or EF-4000 series foams, and this material is not recommended for constant loading. However, the outstanding hysteresis combined with quick recovery make FP-8000 flexible products especially suitable for lateral (nonbearing) shock isolation.

The FP-8015 (15-pound) density foam has served as the lateral shock-isolation system for the Peacekeeper (MX) Missile. These flame-resistant foams are also used for aircraft interior crash padding. Their low resilience allows the foam to absorb most impact energy, thus minimizing rebound and reducing injuries.

These products are available as sheets, blocks and molded parts.


  • Absorbs significant impact energy
  • Exhibits approximately 80% hysteresis
  • Offers superb recovery from dynamic impact
  • Flame-resistant
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  • Lateral (nonbearing) shock isolation
  • Aircraft interior crash padding


ProductsDensity (lbs/ft3)HeightWidthLengthRequest a Quote
FP-801515123086Quote »

ProductsDensity (kg/m3)HeightWidthLengthRequest a Quote
FP-80152403076223Quote »

Shown are maximum standard stock based on density. Custom sizes are available. Cut sizes are available from 0.125 inches (3.175mm) up to standard stock heights as listed above

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