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Lightweight Aerospace Gap Filler Foam

Urethane Seal and Gap Filler

Foam-Comb Gap Seals

Primarily used in the aerospace industry, General Plastics’ Foam-Comb is a lightweight urethane seal and gap filler which serves as a flexible cushion between panels that expand and contract repeatedly. It is optimal for use as an aerospace and aviation interior material, particularly in passenger cabin applications and where noise reduction is beneficial.

The open-cell Foam-Comb consists of a combination of flexible foam and Nomex® honeycomb material. It is flexible in height and retains marginal strength in the T-direction (thickness) while remaining flexible and resilient in the ribbon direction (length). The Foam-Comb is flame retardant (meets FAR 25.853 standards) and can be supplied with double back tape attachments and RTV friction enhancer strips.foam-comb


Due to the uniqueness of this product, please contact us for a quote. This product is not available on the request a quote page.

Standard size: 1/4″ range, 2″H x 18″W x 96″ L (custom size also available)
Maximum size: 4″H x 18″W x 96″L
General Plastics can CNC machine products to fit exact specifications.

Benefits of Aviation Gap Filler Foam

  • Optimal substance used for noise reduction
  • Very flexible and durable
  • Ideal for a passenger cabin on aircrafts
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Aviation Gap Filler Applications

  • Overhead storage bins
  • Passenger cabin dividers
  • Galleys
  • Lavatories

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