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Physical Property Testing

Rely on General Plastics’ experience and dedicated testing facilities for certified material and physical property testing of LAST-A-FOAM®. We confirm physical property or performance characteristics for safety, strength and impact resistance, and many other qualities. Expect fast turnaround with test reports frequently issued the same day.

Types of Physical Property Testing Available:

  • Compression Testing
    The material testing lab determines the ability of a material to withstand constant or progressive load. Using the universal test machine, the specimen is subjected to compressive force and the maximum load it can withstand before it yields or breaks.
  • Tensile Testing
    Various rates of tension are applied to a specimen within our testing lab to determine elongation values, ultimate strength, and reduction in cross-sectional area, among others.
  • Flexural Testing
    Determines the amount of force needed to bend material under a 3-point or 4-point loading condition.
  • Shear Strength Testing
    Measures the maximum amount of stress that can be sustained by a material before it tears or breaks in a shearing fashion.
  • Peel Strength
    Measures the strength of adhesive bonds.
  • Fastener Retention Strength
    Measures the force required to extract or withdraw a fastener from a substrate.
  • 10-Meter Drop Test and Impact Test
    Used to measure the energy absorption of a material in the event of a crash or impact in accordance with Head Impact Criteria (HIC).
  • Thermal Conductivity Test
    Measures the ability of how a material conducts and the resistance of heat transfer through a material.
  • Tg Glass Transition Testing
    Measures the temperature at which a plastic material reaches a rubbery and formable state.
  • CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)
    A thermal expansion test used to determine the dimensional change of a material as it relates to changes in temperature.

 Physical Property Testing Facilities and Equipment Include:

  • Computer-controlled universal test machines
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • ROMER Arm (portable CMM)
  • Optical Comparator
  • Hydrostatic test equipment