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Case Study: Solid Terrain Modeling

How Solid Terrain Modeling Counts on General Plastics to Provide the Best Product to Build Theirs



In any military operation, situational awareness is really critical. You know if you’re moving across a flat desert, you want to know what you’re up against as far as moving across that area. Having a physical model you could put your hands on, you could walk around, you could evaluate it for yourself to understand what your challenges will be gives you an immediate understanding that no other mapping technology does and without the support of General Plastics, we would not be able to make these models the way we do and be able to support our customers.

On more than one occasion on projects that we’ve done, the customer has come back to us and comment that your product is so important to helping us do our job that you’re helping to save lives. From the very beginning, dealing with General Plastics, I knew that they were a company that I would want to be associated with. The General Plastics’ material really was the most consistent of all the different materials that we tested. It really had the most consistent pore structure, the fewest number of voids, which is a huge problem in our business, the most consistent in size and in the color of the material as well.

Everyone we’ve talked to over the last 16 years that we’ve done business with them has always bend over backwards to help. We call up with emergencies; we have customers who call us in a panic for a large project and we have to get an order in right away. I know that folks will work late and come in on the weekends if needed just to get our products out so it really goes a long way and says a lot about a company.

Our military customers count on Solid Terrain Modeling to provide actionable intelligence that they can use and Solid Terrain Modeling counts on General Plastics to provide an excellent product base for us to build ours.

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