Industry Focus: Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is more than just a system at General Plastics – it's a way of life. As a premier specialty polyurethane foam manufacturer working across a myriad of high-end industries, we are relentless about delivering precise, reliable results for our customers, every time.

Our quality assurance system satisfies the demanding requirements of such industries as aerospace, nuclear and defense. Manufacturers of parts and products for these industries are required to maintain high level of quality systems to ensure that products are safe and reliable, and perform as intended. Satisfying this level of quality assurance is the cornerstone of General Plastics' quality management system, which is applied to all our products and services, regardless of industry.

Our approach to satisfying these needs means putting each product through a robust process that includes 100 percent engineering verification inspections. We believe that to efficiently and effectively deploy quality products, it is important to focus on each individual process through measurement and verification.

"We analyze our process capabilities. This is where we measure several different elements to ensure we are meeting all requirements," said Joel Landoe, General Plastics' Quality Manager. By measuring processes, we can determine vulnerabilities and target our resources to produce repeatable, successful results.

This process of first article inspections takes place before we produce large runs of production parts, to mitigate the risk and investment of producing a run that isn't 100 percent operative. We also apply this same quality control process to products coming in to our facility.

In 2010, we earned Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) approval of our burn test facilities, and we are certified to ISO 9001:2008/AS9100C. In addition, we meet such exacting quality systems as:
• NQA-1
• MIL-I-45208A
• Boeing Company D6-82479

"What really sets us apart is that we don't regulate our quality assurance system to a set of employees. It's everyone's responsibility and everyone has a part in it. There is a lot more that goes into our [quality assurance] system than inspection," Landoe said.

From testing and making sure all the work is properly documented to keeping track of the traveler and making sure it is signed off on, our quality assurance system is all encompassing and it's here to stay.

We hold ourselves to high standards and certifications within each industry to ensure that every product we touch functions as it should. By demonstrating high levels of performance across these industries, our customers gain confidence in knowing that when they work with us, quality is never an issue. The proof is in the results. Contact us today to learn more about how our quality assurance system can benefit you, as it has the giants in the industry.

Spotlight: Ask the Expert: Tod Maurmann

Tod Maurmann is the Quality Solutions Director for General Plastics Manufacturing Company. With more than 25 years in the industrial technology industry, Maurmann specializes in material and processes, specifications and engineering drawings, and flammability and physical property testing.

His work expands to markets that include the aerospace, defense and space, nuclear, and construction industries.

Maurmann has been with General Plastics since 1996. His current position enables him to work as a liaison between the company and customer engineers to identify design, material, and testing solutions in support of their projects.

As a technical solution provider, Maurmann's other responsibilities include developing and expanding the company's testing services program, working with customers to identify and implement innovative solutions. According to Maurmann, his projects with customers primarily focus on design development, material and process selection, material flammability testing, and mechanical property testing.

When it comes to his work and continuing quality assurance, providing different options for the customer is what Maurmann is most passionate about. Providing accurate information and support in a timely fashion leads to successful solutions. According to Maurmann, a satisfied customer is the number one goal.

Maurmann earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Technology at Western Washington University and has since moved on to work in quality assurance for B2B manufacturing and supply companies. Outside of work, Maurmann enjoys hiking, camping with his family, as well as attending and participating in car shows.

General Plastics' testing services encompass the full spectrum of quality assurance and testing functions, including flammability and physical property testing. All tests are conducted in our on-site facilities, which include an FAA-Approved burn test facility. Tests are conducted using calibrated equipment that is traceable to NIST.