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Polyurethane Foam for Construction

Continuous Isolation Blocks

The LAST-A-FOAM® R-9300 Continuous Insulation Series for cold-storage and industrial buildings couples a thermal barrier with high-strength structural support. These high-density polyurethane foam construction thermal blocks extend building insulation from below ground to the building’s roof.

A wide range of compressive strengths is offered to address industrial thermal construction applications: 350, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 1,800, and 2,100 psi.

Read this post and learn more how our R-9300 Polyurethane Foam lowers energy costs for buildings.


  • Structural Thermal Isolation Column
  • Tank Vessel Isolation Protection
  • Canopy/Mansard Support
  • Thermal Floor Reinforcement
  • Equipment Support
  • Perimeter Fall Protection
  • Precast /Tilt-up Concrete Wall Panel


  • Short-circuits energy transfer to earth at the foundation
  • High compressive strength supports roof-column loads
  • Creep resistant – resists distortion under load over time
  • Locks out moisture – closed-cell material does not absorb water
  • Will not rot or dissolve in subgrade applications
  • Does not promote steel corrosion
  • Does not attract or support insects or vermin
  • Does not release chemical compounds into surrounding soil
  • Compatible with grouts, adhesives, and concrete
  • No lost time – products arrive at the site ready to use
  • Blocks are custom-cut, with pre-drilled anchor bolt holes
  • May contribute credits to LEED certification of your project
  • Blocks are marked for easy placement at the job site
  • Single-piece standard blocks – no adhesive joints, seams or banding

Door and Window Materials

As core material for entry or interior doors and garage doors, LAST-A-FOAM® polyurethane foam is an ideal substitute for wood due its resistance to rot, fire and water. It also an alternative to medium-density fiberboard (MDF) due to its strength, lighter weight, and higher insulation values. For example, the LAST-A-FOAM® FR-4600, our microcellular foam with the finest cell surface, can support window trim applications with intricate and 3-dimensional details.

LAST-A-FOAM® products can be provided in sheets and blocks or molded. When molded, exceptional grain detail mimicking the look of wood can be achieved.

Choose LAST-A-FOAM® core polyurethane foam for material that is strong, consistent and supports your finishing techniques. Learn more about door and window applications using LAST-A-FOAM®.


  • Window Trims
  • Insulated garage doors
  • Insulated entry doors
  • Interior doors
  • Decorative feature for doors and windows


  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • A wide range of products for various density and strength requirements
  • Adheres well to composite skins, wood, and engineered wood products
  • Does not absorb water and does not warp
  • Grain-free, fine-cell surface for intricate details, painted finishes, better machining, and processing
  • Significant weight savings compared to other materials
  • Accommodates virtually any resin and coating system
  • Compatible with many types of adhesives