From Below Ground to Building's Roof-Thermal Isolation Blocks

Great news! We've introduced new LAST-A-FOAM® R-9300 Continuous Insulation Blocks that extend the building insulation envelope from the roof to the foundation. We've gone beyond column-bearing and floor reinforcement products – General Plastics satisfies the needs of customers looking for end-to-end solutions to thermal isolation and continuous insulation.

Our thermal isolation blocks support heavy structural loads while preventing moisture absorption, so they outperform wood and other materials. This series couples high compressive strength with minimal deflection and extraordinary thermal insulation values to reduce thermal bridging through adjoining materials. The durability and energy efficiency of these blocks make them a cost-effective investment for long-term applications.

Our LAST-A-FOAM® R-9300 Continuous Insulation Block Series spans the following products:

  • Structural Thermal Isolation Column Block
  • Precast/Tilt-Up Concrete Wall Panel Block and other Load-Bearing Walls
  • Thermal Floor Reinforcement Block
  • Tank Isolation Protection Block
  • Canopy/Mansard Support Block
  • Roof Equipment Support Block
  • Perimeter Fall-Protection Block

Learn more about our construction market here.

In addition, our thermal construction products arrive ready to install: fully cured, cut-to-size, and predrilled with anchor-bolt holes, if you choose. To order, or for technical assistance, contact our distributor CSI of Virginia at Kevin@CSIINC.ORG.