R-3300 Submersible Series

Do you need polyurethane foam for your underwater application? Our hydrostatic and pressure-resistant LAST-A-FOAM® R-3300 Submersible Series could be your answer. Its unique properties and closed-cell structure provides high water resistance and exceptional buoyancy in shallow and mid-water applications such as underwater robotics, pipeline flotation, subsea mooring buoyancy, and more.

In addition, we can CNC-machine our products to fit exact specifications.



FR-3700 Performance Core Series

Our flame-retardant polyurethane LAST-A-FOAM® FR-3700 series is a CFC-free, rigid, closed-cell foam that supports aerospace and defense, medical, nuclear and radome applications. For the aerospace market, the flame-retardant material is integrated into everything from overhead stow bins, service-class dividers, to galleys and lavatories as edge closeout.

The FR-3700 foam is also carefully engineered for diverse scenarios ranging from pool fires to high-speed crashes, making it ideal for nuclear material applications and transportation of extremely hazardous waste. As an impact- and fire-insulation liner in transport containers, it provides the ultimate in fire and collision protection, outperforming wood and other plastic and honeycomb materials.



FR-7100 Multi-Use Core Series

Our FR-7100 Multi-Use Core product is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. It is a uniform polyurethane foam board that is easily finished or painted for low-cost core applications, hand-carved models, prototypes, CNC-machined topographical maps, industrial patterns, and composite layup tools below 200 degrees Fahrenheit.