R-3300 Submersible Series

Do you need polyurethane foam for your underwater application? Our hydrostatic and pressure-resistant LAST-A-FOAM® R-3300 Submersible Series could be your answer. Its unique properties and closed-cell structure provides high water resistance and exceptional buoyancy in shallow and mid-water applications such as underwater robotics, pipeline flotation, subsea mooring buoyancy, and more. In addition, we can CNC-machine our products to fit exact specifications.

With the addition of two new foam densities, the R-3300 submersible series is a more cost-effective option to syntactic foam, a common and often expensive material used for subsea applications. The low-density R-3312 was engineered for shallow water applications at depths down to 300 feet, uncoated, and 600 feet when coated.

The R-3325, with its high compressive strength, is best suited in depths down to 1,200 feet, uncoated and 2,400 feet coated. The foam is extremely machinable, and has a very smooth surface and fine-cell structure, allowing us to fulfill aesthetic needs in addition to performance. The fact that our foam is an engineered product means you'll get exactly what you expect, every time. Grain and static free, this dimensionally stable product is one you can rely on to perform "under pressure."

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