FR-3700 Performance Core

Our flame-retardant polyurethane LAST-A-FOAM® FR-3700 series is a CFC-free, rigid, closed-cell foam that supports aerospace and defense, medical, nuclear and radome applications.

For the aerospace market, the flame-retardant material is integrated into everything from overhead stow bins, service-class dividers, to galleys and lavatories as edge closeout.

The FR-3700 foam is also carefully engineered for diverse scenarios ranging from pool fires to high-speed crashes, making it ideal for nuclear material applications and transportation of extremely hazardous waste. As an impact- and fire-insulation liner in transport containers, it provides the ultimate in fire and collision protection, outperforming wood and other plastic and honeycomb materials.

In the medical field, the FR-3700 is used in orthopedics to simulate human bones as artificial media for implant testing, and is used by medical students to sharpen their surgical skills. It has also been used in the construction of durable weatherproof radomes because it is impervious to moisture and transparent to radio signals.

The FR-3700 foam is a good choice for your composite applications. It is lighter and more uniform in density, has predictable properties, can be easily shaped, and does not absorb water, or support fungal growth. It is commonly used as a core material in prepreg layups and resin infusion applications.

Speak with one of our technical sales representatives to see if the FR-3700 is a good fit for your product requirements. Call us at 866-825-1378.


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