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Foam Donation Request Program

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michigan-car-hiresGeneral Plastics Manufacturing Company is delighted to support the bright, inventive design engineers of tomorrow with our Foam Challenge product donation program. Through this program, you can request a donation of our signature high-strength, low-weight polyurethane tooling foam material for building prototypes or models entered in student competitions.

Your school may request one or two foam “buns,” or large rectangular blocks, per year. The tooling foams are offered in a 24” x 48” x 96” size bun for densities of 15 lbs. per cubic ft. or less, and a 14” x 24” x 80” size bun for densities of 40, 30 or 20 lbs. per cubic ft. A handling and shipping fee is paid by the university.

To request a product donation, simply complete the application form below. You will also need to submit designs, schematics or other visuals depicting your planned project. If your submitted application meets all requirements and the specified product is available, you will be contacted by a customer service representative to arrange shipment of the donated material. Our knowledgeable representatives will also help you specify the best product(s) for your project and provide any additional technical expertise needed.

Please note:

  • Foam donations are available only for U.S. schools and universities.
  • Applications are accepted from January through May and from August through December.
  • Only large foam buns are offered for donation; if you require foam sheets or smaller pieces for your project, they are available for purchase.
  • Foam donations are subject to availability of the specified size and density at the time of application.


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