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Flexible Foam Sheets

General Plastics’ open-cell flexible polyurethane foams deliver efficiency while absorbing energy at a consistent, controlled rate. Our flexible foam sheets can be used in series or in parallel to relieve static stress on flexible shock-attenuation material. They can also break up resonance or change shock-pulse frequencies. Elevated temperatures have little effect on the performance of LAST-A-FOAM® flexible foams: There are no long-term effects up to 180°F, with an approximate 10% reduction of firmness at the higher temperature.

These flexible foams can withstand temperatures up to 160°F and reduced temperatures, although at subzero the foam can become significantly firmer.

LAST-A-FOAM® flexible foam products are available as sheets, blocks and molded parts. We also custom-formulate appropriate flexible foam systems to make the exact part you need. All of our flexible foams are intumescent and meet a variety of industry flammability requirements.

LAST-A-FOAM® ProductApplicationDensity (lbs./ft3)Load Deflection (psi)Compression Set (%)Unique Features
EF-4000Aerospace, Defense3 – 50.5 – 2.81.4 – 3.6Vibration isolation/cushioning, energy absorbent, long-lasting
TF-5070Aerospace, Defense7 – 152.5 – 140.7 – 3.0Energy absorbent, extremely durable
TF-6070Defense8.5 – 157 – 250.6 – 3.0High density, shock isolation of heavy objects, minimal foam creep
FP-8000Aerospace, Automotive, Defense1555 – 68N/AAbsorbs significant impact, superb recovery from dynamic impacts, testing to HIC available
FOAM-COMBAerospace6.62.5 max at 33%N/AFlexible foam filled Nomex® honeycomb material



Manufactured in densities of 3 to 7 lbs. per cubic foot, this series offers superior vibration isolation and cushioning for loads in the 0.1 to 2.0 psi static stress load range.

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These flame-retardant foams offer comparable properties to the TF-6070 series, except that a slightly higher foam density would be needed under equal circumstances.

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These foams are designed for shock isolation of heavy objects when the supporting foam will be under long-term static stress.

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These open-cell polyurethane foams exhibit high hysteresis (approximately 80%) as well as excellent recovery from dynamic impacts.

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Our flame-retardant, flexible foam-filled Nomex® honeycomb material serves as a multi-purpose aerospace seal and filler.

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