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Flammability Testing Services


General Plastics is a recognized center of excellence for flammability testing services of LAST-A-FOAM® material. With proven expertise and FAA certified flammability testing facility, we are qualified to satisfy your requirements efficiently, conveniently and cost-effectively. Local access to FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) further streamlines flammability certification, saving you time and money when testing our LAST-A-FOAM® material.

FAA-Approved Burn Test Facilities

In 2010, we earned an FAA Burn Testing certification of our burn test facilities, which offer both a Park oil burner and Bunsen burner. Validation of our flammability test protocols attested to the quality of our methodology, which spans:

  • Setup procedures
  • Specimen preparation
  • Equipment calibration
  • Performance of sample burn
  • Collection of data
  • Reporting of results

Count on General Plastics for rapid turnaround on flammability tests and test reports are frequently issued the same day we run your test.

Flammability Tests Available:

  • FAA Bunsen Burner
    This equipment measures the ignition resistant properties of a material and its ability to self-extinguish or support a flame. FAR 25.853 APP.F, Part I
  • Seat Cushion Oil Burner Test
    Evaluates the burn resistance and weight loss characteristics of aircraft seat cushions when exposed to a high-intensity open flame. FAR 25.853 App.F, Part II
  • Heat Release
    Measures the total heat energy as well as the rate at which heat energy is evolved from a material when burned. FAR 25.853 App.F, Part IV
  • Smoke Density
    This test measures and observes the amount of smoke obscuration produced by the burning of material. It is used for measuring smoke characteristics under controlled conditions of combustion and decomposition. FAR 25.853 App.F, Part V
  • Smoke Toxicity
    Evaluates and determines the level of lethal toxic potency of smoke produced during the exposure of a material in fire test conditions.


    • Developing and drafting test plans
    • Building test samples to your design specifications or configuration
    • Coordinating FAA burn testing conformity inspections
    • Supplying necessary FAA burn testing reports and documentation
    • Providing developmental engineering (pre-test) services (prior to FAA witnessing)