Industry Focus: Nuclear Containers

About twenty million consignments of all sizes containing radioactive materials are routinely transported worldwide annually on public roads, railways, and ships. This highly regulated industry faces some of the toughest challenges, because it must prepare for the worst-case scenario to ensure there will not be any major consequences if an accident were to occur.

General Plastics has shielded nuclear transportation packages from fire and collision for 40-plus years. Our LAST-A-FOAM® FR-3700 Performance Core Series foams couple exceptional impact resistance with excellent fire protection properties for nuclear material casings and shipping containers.

This material has proven to be the most effective and enduring insulating liner for nuclear material applications and for transporting extremely hazardous waste. Customers worldwide rely on the unique properties, performance, quality, and life cycle traceability of our FR-3700 series foams to protect and transport their nuclear waste. General Plastics meets such demanding quality systems as NQA-1 and MIL-I-45208A.

General Plastics custom-builds protective LAST-A-FOAM® FR-3700 liners for the most common types of radioactive waste containers: drum containers, MAP-12; OPUS; Travellers; TruPact I, II, II; UX-30 containers; and impact limiters.

Check out this video demonstration of how the FR-3700 Performance Core Series protects nuclear cargo from impact.


LAST-A-FOAM® FR-3700 Series

FR-3700 is a CFC-free, rigid, closed-cell, flame-retardant polyurethane foam available in densities ranging from 3 to 40 pounds per cubic foot. It exhibits a high strength-to-weight ratio due to its cellular structure and cross-linked resin.

Because of its closed-cell structure, LAST-A-FOAM FR-3700 has great resistance to water absorption, and will not swell, crack, or split on exposure to water. This series is non-abrasive and can be machined with standard high-speed steel (HSS) cutting tools. It can also be cut cleanly with water jets and traditional wood carving tools.