Developmental Testing

Developmental Engineering Testing

Rely on General Plastics as your partner for research and developmental testing.

Many companies turn to General Plastics for developmental and engineering testing at any ­– or every – stage prior to production. We can cost-effectively test a single or small number of products through multiple iterations prior to expensive certification testing. For example, you may need to determine if your material meets the specified COE degree or fine-tune a custom polyurethane foam formulation to achieve particular characteristics.

From your testing process to product certification:

• Developmental and engineering tests of products or materials

• Repeated trials of evolving prototypes

• Pre-testing of refined prototypes

• Full certification testing

All tests are conducted using calibrated equipment traceable to NIST.

Developmental Testing Services include:  

• Accelerated Aging

• Hydrostatic Pressure

• Energy Absorption

• Fire Safety

• Custom Foam Formulations