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 Boeing Salt Lake

General Plastics is easily one of my best suppliers. Everything from order placement, to order delivery. I feel as though GP keeps me informed every step of the way. Thank you for all your hard work in being one of the best suppliers to Boeing Salt Lake.

- Shane Gordon, Boeing Salt Lake


Solid Terrain Modeling"We have exclusively purchased General Plastics foams to make our products since the beginning. We have tested others and found no other comparable material with the same structural integrity, strength, and quality of General Plastics."

- Mark Fisher, Solid Terrain Modeling

Arrow Emblems"I wanted to take a minute and tell you how happy I've been with your testing service. Everyone I've dealt with is super friendly and easy to work with. Thanks for the hard great work. ... The results are presented professionally which get me faster approval on my client's purchase orders."

- Corry Dean, Arrow Emblems

Columbiana Hi Tech


"The deliveries are fantastic; for customer service we deal with Rick Brown and Joe Nichols, and we couldn't get two better guys. They work with us constantly, and we've had absolutely no problems whatsoever."

- Don Olson, Columbiana Hi Tech


Sawbones"We like the foam's reliability, consistency and your onsite testing. We're able to say the foam we use meets the ASTM guidelines because we know you have testing facilities on site, and we know you have a high quality assurance program. You always stand behind your products."

- Amy Posch, M.S., Sawbones

Tool Gauge Machine Works"Tod and crew provide customers with process flow by email, willing to expedite if needed, great service which reflects they really value their customers. It is truly a great feeling. I would recommend General Plastics, they provide exceptional service."

- Doreen Meece, Tool Gauge Machine Works, Inc.







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