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Topographical Models and Maps

Solid Terrain Models (STM) of Fillmore, California has created highly accurate topographical models and maps using our LAST-A-FOAM® FR-7100 Multi-use Core and Modeling Board Series. These models and maps are widely considered to be the best available.

STM appreciates the consistent cell structure and density of the FR-7100 products, which allows them to cut models with CNC routers easily and accurately. The FR-7100 material’s smooth, uniform, grain-free surface makes it very easy to paint completed models or apply other surface finishes. STM also depends on the long-term dimensional stability of our sheets – which don’t warp, twist or bow – to keep models flat and true.

Several examples of STM’s work can be seen in the Hall of Explorers at the National Geographic Society’s Washington, D.C. headquarters.