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Scaled Models

Easy bonding and finishing with LAST-A-FOAM® products for smooth and precise models

Model makers have constructed full-scale models of a wide range of aircraft partially or completely out of LAST-A-FOAM® FR-7100 and FR-4500 materials. In each case, the model makers found it very easy to bond and finish the materials, and appreciated the excellent workability of the foam stock.

LAST-A-FOAM® models and components have also been used to construct full-scale mockups of high-profile aircraft. These include Lockheed Martin’s X-33 single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) experimental suborbital spaceplane and the Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet. Some of these items have also been used for actual in-flight testing.

To create an out-of-this-world replica, General Plastics CNC-machined a 1:400,000 scale model (approximately 5 feet in diameter) of the protoplanet Vesta using our LAST-A-FOAM® FR-4520 material. The second-largest body in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, Vesta was forming as a planet when a massive asteroid collision early in its life caused it to become more elliptical in shape and created its giant crater, Rheasilvia.