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Blast Tamer

The Air National Guard (ANG) contacted General Plastics as it explored rigid polyurethane foam solutions to munitions storage for its civil air defense facilities. In particular, it sought a cost-effective, nonflammable barrier solution for storage of Division 1.1 and 1.4 explosives in a smaller footprint to reduce costs.

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See examples of artistic, architectural and product concept sculptures crafted from LAST-A-FOAM®

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Student Design Competition

As part of our General Plastics Foam Challenge, we donate tooling and modeling board to undergraduate student teams. Future engineers and designers use our high-strength, low-weight polyurethane foam material to build prototype or model projects they enter into primarily engineering competitions

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Burn Therapy Masks

Our LAST-A-FOAM®FR-4540 tooling board material is used by CimMed, Inc. of Algona, Washington to manufacture state-of-the-art compression therapy masks. These masks optimize the healing of burn patients while saving hospitals precious time and resources.

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Scaled Models

Model makers have constructed full-scale models of wide-ranging of aircraft partially or completely out of LAST-A-FOAM® FR-7100 and FR-4500 materials. In each case, the model makers found it very easy to bond and finish the materials, and appreciated the excellent workability of the foam.

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Topographical Models and Maps

Solid Terrain Models (STM) of Fillmore, California has created highly accurate topographical models and maps using our LAST-A-FOAM® FR-7100 Multi-use Core and Modeling Board Series. These models and maps are widely considered to be the best available.

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NASA Space Shuttle RSRM

General Plastics’ materials were put to the test in NASA’s Space Shuttle program as key components for the Reusable Solid Rocket Motor (RSRM) system. These solid-rocket boosters helped power the orbiter during liftoff.

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High-Temperature Tooling Board for Advanced Composites

Hexcel Corporation chose LAST-A-FOAM® FR-4718 High-Temperature Tooling Board for soft tooling a master mold. This product served as an excellent substrate because of its high Tg and compressive modulus, and predictable CTE.

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R-9300 Continuous Insulation Block Series

In cold-storage and industrial facilities, LAST-A-FOAM® R-9300 Structural Continuous Insulation construction blocks create an insulation envelope from the building roof to below ground. Combining their high-strength structural support with a thermal barrier stems energy losses at the slab, walls and roof. Architects, engineers and other design professionals use them to fulfill a full range of applications

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