General Plastics is utilizing our 78 years of experience to help frontline caregivers. Our high quality soft, flexible polyurethane foam strips are used to manufacture Personal Protective Equipment such as face shields and masks. Please click here to learn more.

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First and foremost among our priorities is to provide our customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Beyond producing LAST-A-FOAM® polyurethane foam sheets and blocks, we also machine, fabricate and construct foam parts and assemblies for diverse commercial, industrial, military and composite-manufacturing applications.

We’re a highly capable, cost-effective and responsive resource for high-performance parts for your most demanding requirements. Our production facilities enable us to scale production to project needs – from a small, short-term run of specialty parts to an extensive, ongoing OEM parts program. Eliminate the added time and transportation costs of sending parts fabrication, assembly and foam finishing to a third party. In-house fabrication services span complete built-to-print production, CNC machining, molding, assembly, tooling and more. Our topnotch production services team is also proficient in painting, adhesive bonding, potting and resin-infusion processes.

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Why tie up internal resources on non-core processes, or pay to ship your foam to other shops when we offer dependable and scalable production services onsite? From parts fabrication to custom formulation, we have the expertise and resources to address your LAST-A-FOAM® application.


We are relentless about making sure that what we produce adheres to our customers' exact requirements and specifications for their application. That's why we consistently follow well-defined procedures that reflect industry best practices and proprietary procedures.

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Our high-capacity production facility enables us to provide customers with end-to-end solutions including fabrication of sub-assemblies. With our help, customers can reduce manufacturing steps to optimize their supply chain.

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We produce custom-mold parts using flexible and semi-flexible polyurethane foam materials. Our unique formulations and built-to-print capabilities enable us to provide optimal solutions for density-to-part-weight control, void control, surface quality, and physical properties.

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Our production facility includes multiple sizes of CNC machines, including 5-axis machines, to fit your needs and specifications. Our customer service, engineering, and CNC teams will work closely with you from concept to completion.

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Whether you require a custom formulation, foam material in a specific size or shape, poured-in-place mold services, or products already machined and bonded for your application, we tailor solutions and support your needs.

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We provide build-to-print standard and custom complex laminates for myriad parts and assemblies. We have created laminate parts for diverse military, commercial, industrial, aerospace, and marine applications.

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Our Testing Services Group offers a wide range of tests in our on-site testing laboratories, which include an FAA-certified burnt est facility. All tests are conducted using calibrated equipment that is traceable to NIST.

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