General Plastic Stands Behind its Products 100%

We stand behind all of our LAST-A-FOAM® materials and fabricated parts, ensuring unrivaled performance and long-lasting value in our most demanding applications. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to provide industry-specific samples for our customers. Since we serve a wide range of high-performance industries, like aerospace and nuclear waste containment, we want to ensure each industry’s needs are properly met by our products. Last year, we started to provide sample kits with foams specially selected for each industry. Some examples: we have a kit that comprises our best 4-20 lbs. polyurethane foam for mold pattern, fixture and tooling, thermoforming, vacuum-forming, detail tooling, high-temperature tooling, and molds. Our Aerospace Composite Core Materials kit includes flame-retardant foam suitable for sandwich panel, edge close-out, reinforcement material within the panel, vacuum-form dies, and mold patterns. Please see our website for all kits currently available. If you cannot find a kit that fits your needs, please contact one of our sales representatives for assistance and recommendations.