In the Making: Padded and Flexible Parts for Aircraft Interior Applications

As with any build-to-print program, our team is ready to help you solve challenges and support your efforts from part and tool design to mold tooling, and every step in parts production.

Form and Function: GP Foams Ace Aircraft Interior Applications

Our gap-management and impact energy absorption foam series are used extensively in aircraft flight deck and cabin applications due to their durability, and flame-retardant and self-skinning characteristics. These applications are instrumental in fulfilling structural, aesthetic, safety, budgetary and scheduling requirements.

Supporting Process Control and Stability with High-Temp Tooling Boards

The unique properties and characteristics of this hybrid urethane foam tooling board deliver many benefits. Affordable and dimensionally stable, FR-4700 HT is optimal for prototype machining, high-temperature curing prepregs, vacuum form tooling, tool proofing, pattern making and master model making.

Testing Expert Shares Inside View of Flammability Testing

Quality Solutions Director, Tod Maurmann offers insight into General Plastics' FAA-certified flammability testing facility, capabilities and processes, and how it benefits customers.

Which foam is the right choice for your tooling application?

General Plastics offers different rigid high-density polyurethane foam series that satisfy a wide range of tooling applications - each with distinct characteristics and advantages. Our product development specialist, Alan Pagni, offers this overview of General Plastics’ tooling foam options and insights on how their properties align with specific tooling needs.

The Essentials in Aerospace Composite Cores: Light Weight, Safety and Cost Efficiency

Aircraft OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies have sought to increase efficiency and safety, while also decreasing cost. So finding composite core material that is lightweight, more economical and passes FST/OSU requirements is key in producing the next-generation aircraft.

Molded Parts Program Q&A: Top-Flight Padded Parts

General Plastics' molded parts program showcases our build-to-print capabilities that satisfy customer specifications from custom foam formulation to final assembly. This post is the second of a two-part series on our molded parts program, featuring our padded parts capabilities.

Molded Parts Program Q&A: No Gap Left Unfilled

General Plastics' molded parts program produces build-to-print parts that are durable and conform to customer’s exacting specifications. These are manufactured from our flame-retardant, self-extinguishing, self-skinning foam that meets FAR 25.853 standards.

Tooling and Molding Capabilities for Unique Projects

From developing new formulas to meeting a specific temperature range, we can provide custom materials and service for any shape.

CNC and Other Production Capabilities Offer End-to-End Project Solutions

From complex impact limiters for nuclear packaging and transportation to first class seat pod models for the aerospace industry, General Plastics' CNC capabilities meet your specifications from concept to product delivery.

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