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On Dec. 1, 1941, General Plastics opened its doors to enter the rapidly expanding aerospace industry. Ten years later, our renowned LAST-A-FOAM® flexible and rigid polyurethane foam was introduced to the market. 75 years since its inception, we now see General Plastics as a global leader in manufacturing polyurethane foam and build-to-print composite parts, helping customers across a wide range of industries – commercial, industrial, military and composite-manufacturing – providing high-quality materials and effective solutions to attain their goals.

Our longevity lies, in part, in our ability to evolve, adapt and innovate, so that we can continue supporting the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. The other side of the equation is having talented and dedicated employees who through the years have made the customer our number one priority.


Our Team

Bill O | Cutting Bob C | Cutting Andy K | Process Engineer Anna I | Gap Seals Arlene H | Order Entry Adam B | Quality Assurance Alan P | Product Development Specialist Andrew W | P2 Shipping Aaron M | Liquids Bob K | CNC Robert M | Planning and Purchasing Supervisor Brad M | Planning and Purchasing Brandon D | Cutting Bruce H | Fiberglass Bruce L | Chairman of the Board Carenna L | Gap Seals Carl E | Cutting Carol C | Gap Seals Chad B | Project Lead Chris M | Gap Seals Christie G | Flight Deck Supervisor Cierra A | Gap Seals Cindy B | Planning and Purchasing Cindy E | Bonding Corey L | Gap Seals Daniel W | Production Supervisor Darwin W | Maintenance David C | Plant 1 Shipping David E | Gap Seals David M | Gap Seals DeAnn T | Quality Assurance Delene B | CNC Denis A | Employee Relations Director Devon D | Gap Seals Donna Z | Plant 1 Shipping Dory H | Quality Inspector Enoc M | Gap Seals Eric H | Vice President of Organizational Development Eric H | Liquids Eric L | Gap Seals Ernest W | Gap Seals Garsen T | Gap Seals Geoff V | Regional Account Manager Gisela S | Order Entry Hans K | Estimating Hester C | Research and Development Chemist James D | Production Lead Jared T | Production Manager Jeff B | Vice President of Operations and Engineering Melissa S | Regional Account Manager Jenny K | Gap Seals Jeremy F | Liquids Jerry L | ABS Jerry L | Senior Quality Engineer Randy T | Flight Deck Jess V | Process Engineer Jesse M | Gap Seals Jesse M | Liquids Jo Anna B | Shipping Coordinator Joe M | Production Supervisor Joel L | Quality Manager Joel M | Plant Supervisor Joel M | Chemistry Lab Manager Jon S | Plant 2 Production Planner Josh K | Tooling Justin A | Flight Deck James K | Flight Deck Justin K | Project Lead Justin R | Gap Seals Karen L | Marketing Manager Kris H | Marketing Associate Kathy D | Controlled Documents Kelley W | Plant 1 Shipping Ken R | Flight Deck Kyle R | Gap Seals Kristi E | ABS Kweli T | Gap Seals Laurie L | Plant 1 Shipping LeRoy A | Information Systems Lora D | Accounting Mark G | Information Systems Matt H | Plant 1 Shipping Mercedes C | Gap Seals Michael S | Gap Seals Michelle C | Gap Seals Mike D | Fiberglass Mike L | Senior IS Manager Mike W | Plant 1 Shipping Mitch J | President & CEO Nathan L | Cutting Paul O | Quality Assurance - Receiving Philip G | Cost Engineer PJ S | Plant 2 Shipping Paula M | Receptionist Rick B | Senior Account Manager Robby S | Technical Sales Representative Robert C | Technical Sales Representative Rob I | Quality Inspector Engineer Rory E | Liquids Russell F | Tooling Rusty A | Gap Seals Ryan G | Cutting Ryan J | Liquids Sam A | CNC Sean M | Technical Sales Representative Sharlyn A | Gap Seals Shelly H | Maintenance Steve B | Quality Assurance Inspector Steve C | Test Quality Assurance Supervisor Stu H | Quality Supervisor Tammie C | Production Supervisor Trish H | Flight Deck Theresa P | Quality Assurance Tina T | Gap Seals Tod M | Quality Solutions Director Todd P | Maintenance Supervisor Todd R | Senior Sales Engineer Tracy P | Estimating Travis F | Gap Seals John P | CNC JP C | Cutting Room Wayne S | Flight Deck Joe N | Technical Sales Manager Keri M | Gap Seals

General Plastics through the years